Catsy from Sailor Moon R

Character Name: Catsy
Series: Sailor Moon R
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: about $200
Time: 5 months
Started: January 2004
Completed: May 2004
Debuted: Anime North 2004



Costume Information

For Anime North 2004, I was performing group called mBrosia. This year, it was decided we'd be performing as Sailor Moon villainesses. For a bunch of reasons, I ended up choosing Catsy from Sailor Moon R.

I bought the bodysuit online. As for the purple pinstripes, my friend Amanda skipped school for a few days to patiently paint the stripes on me. She used masking tape to mark where she wanted to place a line, then painted it, waited for it to dry, and then repeated the process for every single line.

I sewed the collar and the cuffs onto the body suit. I also painted a plastic red rose black and sewed it to the collar as well.

I went out and bought a pair of used high heels that I could dance in, and then used fabric paint to paint them purple to match my costume.

I ordered in the purple wig a few months in advance and it was perfect for Catsy. I shaped two styrofoam cones and painted them this purple-blackish color. I then poked holes through them and fed a bit of the hair through the holes. This hair helped hold them in place. I then took hair from the front parts of the wig and twisted, then coiled them around the styrofoam to make her hairstyle. The wig also had four wig clips sewed into it to hold it onto my head. I can do a flip wearing this wig without fearing it flying off.

I made her forehead jewel and sewed it to the wig. I used spirit gum to cement the jewel to my forehead and keep it from moving. The crescent moon on my forehead was painted on with black eyeliner. The earrings were made of out fimo and some beads I found.

As for the tutu, it's a mix of stuff. It's mostly made out of two different shades of purple crinoline. The first two layers were think and bulk to give the rest of the skirt body. The middle layers give the tutu shape and fill it in. The top layers are thin and cut up jaggedly to give the look of Catsy's tutu. There are also long purple feathers sewn in the tutu to give the full effect. I sewed snaps onto the tutu and the body suit. This way, it snaps into place and doesn't fall off while I'm dancing.

As for our performances, they went really well, and the costume held up well and looked good on stage. :)

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