Backup Dancer from Ayumi Hamasaki's "Real Me" Music Video

Character Name: Backup Dancer
Series: Ayumi Hamasaki's "Real Me" Music Video
Specifics: light blue
Cost: $40
Time: ~12 hours
Started: March 2007
Completed: October 2007
Debuted: Ad Astra 2007



Thanks to Elemental and Solartempest for many of the photos!

Costume Information

My friend, Kia, is a huge Ayumi Hamasaki fan. Since I've known her, she's wanted to a cosplay group with the "hammer pants" costumes from Hamasaki's "Real Me" music video. And I got drafted. :3;;

We didn't follow the costumes exactly. Basically, we took the basic design and ran with it. We had a choice of any color (even ones not in the video), could do whatever we wanted with our hair, ignored the gloves, and made up the straps. These costumes are perfect to wear convention and cosplay-related dances. Anyway, I was at the fabric store and settled on light blue, because the fabric was on sale at the time, and I needed seven meters of fabric for the pants alone.

Amanda (orange) helped me figure out the pattern for the pants. After that, it was a bunch of trail and error to figure out how to pleat and gather seven meters of gigantic pants.

The first time I made the top, I attempted to make it out of broad cloth and failed miserably. The second time I made it out of light blue spandex and was much happier with the results. :3

My usual hairstyle is perfect for the actual dancer, but I tend to wear my hair down for this costume. Go figure.

This costume is comfortable and fun to wear -- especially when other people are wearing their hammer pants. It's like being part of a colourful pants parade.

The only thing that bothers me about my costume is that it is always confused with Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. :/

In conclusion, to quote Sarcasm-hime: PANTS PANTS REVOLUTION!

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