Emu Hojo from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Character Name: Emu Hojo
Series: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Specifics: outfit from episodes 28 to 30 and the Level 1 artbook
Cost: ~$140
Time: 1 month
Started: April 2019
Completed: May 2019
Debuted: Anime North 2019



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Photo credits: Sleepymeow Photography

Costume Information

In early 2019, I started watching Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, a ridiculous show about doctors who use video games to transform into neon-clad superheroes to save the world, and immediately fell in love. Emu, the protagonist, quickly became my favorite character and I wanted to show my love for him and the show by cosplaying him.

I decided to cosplay his outfit from episodes 28 to 30 and the Level 1 artbook because it's one of my favs and it's the outfit he wears in my favorite episodes.

Here's how I made this cosplay:

Lab Coat
This was definitely the hardest and most time-consuming part of this costume. Why do the Seito University Hospital lab coats have to have high collars and zippers down the front, lol?

They make official versions of this lab coat, but I'm too small to wear the smallest size, so I made my own. While patterning the lab coat, I moved some of the pockets and removed the darts from the original design to save myself some grief.

After I made a quick mock and re-adjusted the pattern, I started making the "good copy" out of white stretch twill. In the process, I taught myself how to make welt pockets, cried over stretch twill's tendency to, you know, stretch and mess up my careful patterning, and continuously nicked my fingers on pins causing me to bleed on the white fabric a lot.

I also had to line it, since the fabric turned out to be too see-through. (Shout-out to Becky for giving me some extra fabric so I could finish the lining!) Finally, I made the hospital logo out of heat-and-bond and purple fabric.

I didn't want to buy very expensive limited edition Vans that don't come in my size, so I made the shoes. I bought a cheap pair of $17 sneakers as a base. I used painter's tape to make pattern pieces for the checkerboard design, and in the process learned that the left and right foot of the cheap sneakers were slightly different sizes and thus each shoe required unique pattern pieces.

Adrien made me the checkerboard vector (he is my MVP for this cosplay!), and a local print shop printed it on fabric for me. I then used this fabric to create the checkboard pieces for the shoes and I added the white squiggly line. I used fabric glue to attach these pieces to the cheap shoes. A new pair of laces and the shoes were done! For a pair of shoes that cost under $30 to make, I think they came out great!

T-Shirt & Pants
My friend Adrien made the yellow vector for the pattern on Emu's shirt for me. (Thank you, Adrien!) I had a print shop cut out the pattern out of heat vinyl and attach it to a black shirt I bought at H&M.

I had the pants in my closet. I wish I had red pants that weren't skinny jeans, but they worked.

I bought a "Persona 5 Protagonist" wig from Kasou Wigs as a base for Emu's hair. When I got the wig, I first combed and straightened it. Then I began to cut the bangs and sideburns, and style it for Emu with the flippy hair bits. I love the way it came out!

I made the lanyard out of orange bias tape that I sealed shut with heat-and-bond. The ID badge was made out of a reference image I found online and a clip and holder I bought online. The Seito mascot came with the Seito nurse dress, which I bought around the time I was making this costume.

Belt and Gashats
I lucked out and was able to buy my belt and my many, many gashats as a bundle used, but they were still expensive and added like $200 to the cost of this costume, lol. I regret nothing though.

(Costume: ~$100
Toys meant for children: another $200
Running around as video game doctor superhero with ridiculous brightly-colored noisy props: PRICELESS)

Anyway, I love Emu and this cosplay, and it was really fun to cosplay a pediatric intern video game superhero. A+++. Would recommend.

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