Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill

Character Name: Gogo Yubari
Series: Kill Bill
Specifics: school girl uniform
Cost: $75
Time: ~6 hours
Started: August 2004
Completed: August 2004
Debuted: CN Anime 2004



Costume Information

My friend Chapel was putting together a Kill Bill cosplay group and recruited me as Gogo.

This was a bit of a "closet cosplay". I found the skirt in my closet. I bought the jacket at Value Village and added gold buttons to it. I made Gogo's "Tokyo International" patch by rendering a version on my computer, printing it out on iron-on paper, ironing it onto white fabric and then using heat-and-bond to iron the crest onto the jacket. The red tie is a strip of red fabric I cut out a few days before. I found the socks in my room and I ripped the felt off the shoes from my Ryoma costume to make Gogo's plain white shoes.

The hardest part was the mace, which I made out of a styrofoam ball, chain, cardboard, spikes I pulled off a spiked collar, part of a socket-wrench set and silver spray paint. The easiest (but most expensive) part of this costume was the wig.

I wore this costume the Sunday on CN Anime. The Kill Bill group dwindled down to myself (Gogo), Sakura (O-ren), Bianco (Crazy 88) and Kenney (Buck). We ran into Louise there who was dressed as the "Bride" as well as a few other random Kill Bill cosplayers. As for Chapel, he never finished his costume. Thus, we renamed our little group the "Kill Bill Chapel" group.

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