Goku from Saiyuki

Character Name: Goku
Series: Saiyuki
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: $100
Time: 20 hours
Started: March 2003
Completed: May 2003
Debuted: Anime North 2003



Costume Information

This was one of my first costumes. A group of my friends and I decided to cosplay Saiyuki for Anime North and I cosplayed as Goku.

This base of the top was made out a white dress shirt that I bought at a thrift store and modified. Everything else on the top was made out of twill and attached to the shirt. The armbands were made out of pieces I salvaged from the dress shirt and more twill

The gold accessories were made by gluing together layers of card stock and then painting them gold. The original staff was made out of a wooden dowel, some paper, two foam golf balls and some paint.

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