Kadsuki Fuuchouin from Get Backers

Character Name: Kadsuki Fuuchouin
Series: Get Backers
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: $45
Time: 8 hours
Started: October 2003
Completed: November 2003
Debuted: MAX 2003



Thanks to Sakura for the photos!

Costume Information

I thought Kadsuki's character design is really cool so I wanted to cosplaying him.

I made the shirt out of polar fleece. It gave the shirt the volume I thought it needed. Just above my bust, there's a band of fabric that holds up the entire shirt. The fabric was folded carefully and sewed to the band to make it stand out and defy gravity. The inside of the shirt has a bra built into it. The sleeves have elastics in them to help them stay up. The grey pants were bought at a store.

I had the wig already. The two pieces of hair at the front and the long ponytail were made out of hair extensions and false suede. I hooked the hair extensions into my real hair and then put on the wig to give it the right effect.

The bells were bought. I used my friend Sakura's idea and made one of the bells attached by velcro. This way I can take a bell off and pose with it, and then easily reattach it to the hair extensions when I'm done. For his "thread", I used dental floss. LOL.

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