Mystel from Beyblade G-Revolution

Character Name: Mystel
Series: Beyblade G-Revolution
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: $100
Time: ~45 hours
Started: May 2005
Completed: May 2005
Debuted: Anime North 2005



Thanks to Real Link, Super Anime Guy and whoever happened to be around and willing to take photos for the photos!

Costume Information

One Saturday morning, I turned on the TV and ended up watching the Beyblade episode in which Mystel is introduced.

Although Mystel is a minor character, he's really interesting. He's a mixture of bouncy and mysterious, and he had an interesting costume to boot. I thought he looked pretty cool so I ended up making his costume for Anime North.

At Anime North, I was recognized by more people than I expected. I also met another Mystel cosplayer, who is to my knowledge, at this point in time, the only other Mystel cosplayer in existence.

This costume also got me my very first Hall Cosplay Award at Anime North.

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