Tatoba-inspired Outfit from Kamen Rider OOO

Character Name: --
Series: Kamen Rider OOO
Specifics: Tatoba-inspired Outfit based on this piece of fanart by yonahrita on tumblr
Cost: ~$30
Time: ~18 hours over 4 days
Started: July 2015
Completed: July 2015
Debuted: Atomic Lolipop 2015


This piece of fanart by yonahrita on tumblr. (The artist deleted their tumblr, but you can find a reblog of it here.)


Photo credits: Elemental

Costume Information

I wanted to make something Kamen Rider-related, but I wasn't sure what. Then I found this piece of fanart by yonahrita. (The artist deleted their tumblr, but you can find a reblog of it here.)

I was attracted to the design of this outfit for three reasons. First, I love Kamen Rider OOO and this design has the Tatoba logo from Kamen Rider OOO on it. Second, I liked this design because it's relatively simple. I didn't have the energy to make something overly complicated and this outfit basically involved only making a shirt. Third, I attend many cons during the summer when it's very hot. I wanted to make an outfit that was simple and breezy that I could wear in the heat without wanting to melt.

I modified the pattern I used to make the shirt of my Videl costume to make the pattern for my OOO shirt. I atlered the collar, lengthened and widened the sleeves, and lengthened and widened the bottom of the shirt. I made it out a black cotton so that it would breath.

The hardest and most time-consuming part of the shirt was the Tatoba logo applique. I made it out of layers of satin (mostly leftovers from my Robin costume) and heat-and-bond. I started with a vector of the Tatoba logo made by velken69 on DeviantArt. I scaled it to the size I wanted it to be and then printed out two copies -- one for reference, and one to cut out and use as a tracer for all the other pieces.

Basically, I backed the satin with heat-and-bond, traced the pieces onto it, cut them out, and then fused them together to make the logo. (There are photos of this below.) First, I cut out the outer gold circle and stuck it to some heat-and-bond backed black satin. I then sewed on the lines that divide the parts of the logo onto the black satin. After this was done, I cut off the extra black satin around the circle. Next, I slowly cut all the parts of the logo out of red, yellow and green satin I backed with heat-and-bond, and fused them together. Because the logo is so detailed and involves so many pieces, it took me ~10 hours to cut all the pieces out. While the final result wasn't perfect, I was quite proud of it!

(I didn't attempt to add the extra gold details on the shirt because I couldn't figure out a way to translate them to real life in a way I didn't find "messy" looking.)

I wore the shirt I made with a pair of green shorts that I already owned. I paired this outfit with gold sandals. Instead of wearing a wig, I just tied up my real hair because, again, this was an outfit I wanted to be able to wear in the heat.

This isn't the most identifiable outfit, but the first time I wore it, someone came up to me and asked me if I could make them a Faiz version, so that's pretty cool.

In Progress

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