Poppy Pipopapo from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid

Character Name: Poppy Pipopapo
Series: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
Specifics: Asuna Karino's white Seito University Hospital nurse uniform
Cost: ~$120
Time: 4 hours
Started: May 2019
Completed: August 2019
Debuted: FanExpo 2019



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Photo credits: Elemental Photography & Becky

Costume Information

I love Poppy Pipopapo and she's my favorite female Kamen Rider, so I wanted to cosplay her. I love Seito University Hospital's nurse dresses, so I decided to cosplay Poppy's Asuna Karino form. Also, I love Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and I wanted another excuse to cosplay a medical professional that uses video games to transform into a superhero.

I don't have too much to say about this costume, because the dress is official Kamen Rider Ex-Aid merchandise made by Bandai. I did not make it myself! I found a small size dress used on Mandarake. Note that the dress came with the Seito University Hospital mascot, which is the mascot I use for both this and my Emu cosplay.

I had to alter the dress a tiny bit. The sleeves were very, very tight on me, so I had to sew them closed at a wider spot than the button allowed. I removed the button from where it was originally and sewed it over the button hole to keep the illusion that the button is still functional.

I used the ID badge from my Emu cosplay, only with Asuna's identification card inside it instead. I made the lanyard out of red bias tape that I sealed shut with head-and-bond. As for the shoes, they're not 100% accurate, but they work. They're borrowed from my Rei overalls cosplay.

The wig was the hardest part of this costume. It's a "M-1/ KA027" in "coffee brown" from Kasou Wigs. It worked really well for this costume. I cut multiple inches off the bottom of the wig and curled the ends inward. I also created Poppy's triangle-shaped part and trimmed the bangs. I pulled back the hair at the sides and top of the wig into a ponytail. I left hair at the "sideburn" area, even though Poppy doesn't have any hair there, to cover my own hair in the area. I think it looks really cute and I'm really happy with it!

Finally, I carried around a Toki Meko Crisis gashat, so I was ready to henshin, lol.

In fall of 2019, I did a photoshoot with kilipl_astrape as Emu. For the shoot, I borrowed his belt and lanyard. Elemental was our photographer and we had a great time capturing some fun Emu and Poppy moments.

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