Scott McCall from Teen Wolf

Character Name: Scott McCall
Series: Teen Wolf
Specifics: his outfit from the first episode
Cost: ~$50
Time: ~4 hours (mostly cutting the wig)
Started: July 2014
Completed: July 2014
Debuted: photoshoots in September 2014 & October 2016



Photo credits: Elemental

Costume Information

My outfit is not exactly what Scott was wearing in the first episode. Rather it's my interpretation of Scott's outfit made up of pieces I was able to find. Most of it was store bought. I bought the hoodie, tank top, pants, and shoes. The wig is an Arda "Benny" in natural black that I spent a few hours trimming and styling. (Whoo, learning how to cut layers into short hair.) The wooden baseball bat was found in Stillvision's garage and I cleaned it up and put new tape on it. Except for the wig, this was a fairly easy costume to make.

I wanted to cosplay Scott McCall for two reasons. First, he is a wonderful character. He cares for and respects others. He continuously grows into a more compassionate person, and he values people over power. Scott is a genuinely good person -- the kind of good person that I love to find in media.

Second, I wanted to cosplay Scott because an unfortunately large percentage of the Teen Wolf fandom is awful to Scott. Fandom tends to erase or minimizes his existence. I was exposed to Teen Wolf fanart and gifsets for a year before I watched the show and because so few of them feature Scott, I didn't know Scott existed even though he's the main character of Teen Wolf!

Fandom not only erases Scott, they give his attributes to his white best friend, Stiles. Especially in fanfic, Scott is erased or turned into a pathetic caricature, while Scott's compassion is given to Stiles, Scott's mentor becomes Stiles' mentor, etc. One of the best examples of this switcheroo has to do with a red hoodie and baseball bat. In the first episode of Teen Wolf, Scott wears a red hoodie (an homage to Little Red Riding Hood) and carries a wooden baseball bat. The most popular fandom representation of Stiles in fanart and fanfiction is Stiles wearing a red hoodie and carrying a baseball bat. This outfit of Scott's has been given to Stiles, erasing Scott in the process.

This also happens with regards to Teen Wolf cosplay. Lots of people cosplay Stiles. Less people cosplay Scott. Moreover, many people cosplay Stiles wearing Scott's red hoodie and some also carry around baseball bats.

I cannot begin to tell you how much this bothers me. Fandom literally took attributes from the main character who is a person of colour and gave them to his white bff, erasing the main character in the process. Ugh!

Anyway, I love Scott and by the time I finished season one, I wanted to cosplay him. When I thought about how I wanted to cosplay Scott, I knew I wanted to cosplay him wearing a red hoodie and holding a baseball bat. In some little way, I wanted to help take that back from the Stiles fandom and keep it with Scott. So that's exactly what I did.

In Progress

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