Van Fanel from The Vision of Escaflowne

Character Name: Van Fanel
Series: The Vision of Escaflowne
Specifics: main outfit
Cost: $150
Time: 25 hours
Started: April 2008
Completed: May 2008
Debuted: Anime North 2008



Photo credits: Solartempest and Sha

Costume Information

My friend Becky was planning to cosplay Hitomi from Escaflowne, so she asked me cosplay as her Van. I've always wanted to do Esaflowne cosplay, and Van is one of my favourite characters, so I agreed. :3

I made the shirt out of red twill. I also lined the shirt with the same fabric so that all the lines around the collar are neat looking. I hammered eight eyelets into the shirt, and used a thin white cloth ribbon for the lacing. I didn't make the split in the shirt go down as far as it should, because it would've made it harder to hide my biding.

I made the pants out of a stretch-cotton. This was my first time making a pair of pants with a proper fly. It took my a couple hours to get the fly to work properly.

I wanted my gloves and boots to be made out of a matching faux-leather, but since that was out of the question, I made them both out of a chocolate-coloured twill.

The boots were made over pair of boots I bought second hand. They were originally knee-high, so I cut them down. I made boot covers out of the twill, and hand-sewed them (with pliers) onto the base boots. I made the tops of the boots from some false-suede I interfaced.

The belt is also made out of interfaced false-suede. The golden "ends" of the belt were made out of cardboard that I carefully cut, reinforced, and painted gold before gluing it to the belt. I hammered two gold eyelets into the cardboard, and then ran a keyring through the holes to complete the belt.

The wig started out as a short curly wig with a center part so it took some styling to move the part and straighten it.

For the record: I don't plan to make his wings. I'd liketo make them, but I'd want to make them accurate, and I have neither the time nor the space to make two six feet long wings.

Our friend Crimson surprised Becky and I at Anime North with an Allen costume! Yay for our mini Escaflowne group! :D

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